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SV Cabs has grown progressively over the years and now includes cars of a higher calibre and performance.

Bus rental in Bangalore

Can luxury coaches be rented for shorter journeys, or are they typically reserved for longer trips?

Luxury coaches can be rented for both shorter and longer journeys. While they are often used for longer trips, such as multi-day tours or cross-country travel, they can also be rented for shorter journeys, such as day trips or corporate events within the city. 

In fact, renting a luxury coach for shorter journeys can be a great way to add a touch of luxury and comfort to a special event or occasion. For example, you may want to rent a luxury coach for a corporate team building event, a wedding party transportation, or a day trip to a nearby attraction. 

The rental rates for luxury coaches will vary depending on the duration of the rental, the distance traveled, and the specific features and amenities included in the coach. However, rental companies in Bangalore offer flexible rental packages that can be customized to suit your specific needs and budget. 

So, whether you’re planning a long-distance trip or a short excursion, a luxury coach can be a great option to travel in comfort and style.

Private bus for groups & individual, Buses, Mid Coaches, Mini buses, Luxury buses,

Day trips & Excursions, City Tours, Multi day Tours,

Airport transfers, City Transfer, Long Distance

Business Travel , Meetings, Events, Conferences,

Svcabs provides chauffeured bus rental company in Bangalore that offers coach hire in different areas or cities in Bangalore. We are among the leading companies in the transport industry for Luxury bus, Luxury mini van and minibus rentals across Bangalore, since no matter the occasion, we can make the appropriate arrangements and provide you with more Luxury comfortable, safer, and more profitable transportation inside in & around bangalore,

Hire a standard luxury bus 

A budget variant to hire a bus in Bangalore is a standard class with a chauffeur. Suitable for activities: family reunions, religious group events, pilgrim places, Corporate events and school excursions. Main features: comfort & cleanliness, cool interior design, big sealed windows, orthopedic lay-back seats, Video Equipment, luggage bays.

Business & Luxury chauffeured bus hire, Best Bangalore regions:

Do you plan business group meetings? Hire a luxurious Mercedes coach , volvo coach with a chauffeur. Qualified drivers will pick you up from guest request pick up destination– Airports and drive to the indicated location. Business class elegant coach is equipped with: a clean fresh Water Closet, lamps for reading, soft carpets, very comfortable soft seats, and a flat-screen TV. sufficent luggage space

If you want to experience the convenience of hiring a Luxury bus in Bangalore, then get in touch with Svcabs. Our reliable drivers will be able to give you the best possible experience in Bangalore, and you will also enjoy 24/7 operator support so all your needs are fully taken care of. Get in touch with us to receive a free quote 

Our modern fleet of coaches are well maintained to a high standard.

• All buses are super deluxe models (A.C. & non A.C.)
• No standing passenger is allowed in the city as well as long distance routes
• Specially designed cushions for comfortable sitting
• Clean, Dust free, Pollution free transport
• comfortable alternative for passengers between ordinary buses and taxis

With a reliable and dependable reputation, SV Cabs are dedicated to providing clients with the best service available to them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are proud of our fleet and all of our vehicles which are comprehensively checked to ensure fitness standards are maintained.

Svcabs is the Most Preferred Bus Rental Service in Bangalore. Our fleet consists of latest models of Luxury Buses for rent with21 seater bus ,35 seater bus hire in Bangalore, 40 seater bus hire in Bangalore, 50 seater bus hire in Bangalore,45 seater volvo bus hire seating capacity & equipped with all Amenities, On-board Entertainment System, driven by Trained & Experienced drivers (with smartphone for Google Maps).


A Luxury Bus is an ideal Vehicle for Large Groups & large-scale events like Sports Competitions, Conferences, School Trips, Weddings, Corporate week end outing and more. It has Spacious Cabin, Large Luggage Space & Best-in-Class Amenities. in Bangalore, Manufactured by Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mercedes Benz & Volvo. It can easily accommodate 21-35-40-50 & volvo 45 passengers. We provide Custom Designed Luxury Buses with Best-in-Class Amenities required for a Superior Comfortable Journey. We are available in Bangalore City of INDIA & pan india service 

We can accommodate large parties with group bookings or just that one special customer who is looking for that special VIP service, also within our fleet we have vehicles that can accommodate persons in wheelchairs.

Svcabs is a friendly-owned business. We are experts in luxury coach rental, Luxury van, executive bus hire, minibus rentals, airport transfers, Corporate week end trips, office trips, school group transfers, corporate events, big & small groups, shuttle service, and bangalore city tours. We welcome the opportunity to design an extravagance experience for your family or organization.



    Volvo Bus Hire in Bangalore

    VOLVO 44 SEATER Luxury Bus Hire in Bangalore 24/7 Booking Helpline No: 09019944459 /09035448099-,S.V.Cabs luxury cab operator, Our tariff includes a wide range of vehicle models VOLVO 44 SEATER Luxury Bus rental in Bangalore, VOLVO 44 SEATER Luxury Bus Hire in India, VOLVO 44 SEATER Luxury Bus Hire in Bangalore, Bus Hire , Bus rental,Luxury bus hire in bangalore 

    Volvo Bus is the latest tourist coaches with excellent reliability, driving safety and passenger comfort.
    An entire fleet of Coaches [available at competitive prices] is at your disposal from the Stylish Luxury Volvo Coaches, Semi Volvo Coaches. Based on our safety rule, we assure you that all our drivers are well trained, with their valid driver’s license that has passenger driver’s permit so as to take you where ever you might be going with safe hands.

    Are luxury coaches available for rent on a daily basis? And are they priced differently for shorter trips as compared to longer trips?

    Yes, luxury coaches are often available for rent on a daily basis. Rental companies typically offer flexible rental options that can be customized to suit your specific needs, whether it’s for a single day or an extended period. 

    As for pricing, luxury coaches may be priced differently for shorter trips compared to longer trips. Rental rates for luxury coaches are usually calculated based on factors such as the duration of the rental, the distance traveled, and any additional services or amenities requested. 

    For shorter trips, rental companies may offer hourly rates or half-day rates to accommodate your specific needs. These rates can be more cost-effective for shorter journeys compared to the rates for longer trips. 

    It’s important to reach out to rental companies directly to inquire about their pricing structure, as rates can vary depending on the company, location, and specific requirements. They will be able to provide you with detailed information on pricing and help you choose the best rental option for your desired trip duration.


    Scania Bus rental in bangalore

    Today Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and buses. Industrial and Marine Engines is another important business area. Unlike our competitors, we have systematically concentrated our resources in the heavy transport segment.


    Benz Bus rental in bangalore

    Bus coach Luxury Bus Rentals Bangalore 24/7 Booking Helpline No: 9019944459 / 09035448099,S.V.Cabs luxury cab operator, Our tariff includes a wide range of vehicle models Luxury Bus Rentals in Bangalore, S.V.Cabs luxury bus operator coach Luxury Bus Rentals in  bangalore, Mercedes Benz Bus hire in bangalore 

    SV Cabs provides 40 Seater Benz Bus has an excellent interiors, along with a high-performing drive line which makes it perfect for inter and intra-city journey.



    21 Seater bus rental in Bangalore

    S.V.Cabs luxury cab operators 09035448099/09019944459 Services in bangalore – 21 seater Bus Rental in Bangalore,  21 Coach hire in Bangalore, 21 seater Mini Bus rental in Bangalore, Swaraj Mazda 21 Seater Rent a Bus, Bus Hire in Bangalore, Luxury 21 seater bus hire in Bangalore.

    The 21 Seater A/C luxury coaches offer many shock absorbing qualities, thereby you are guaranteed of a hassle free and smooth travel. Technically these luxury courses provide the convenience of an automatic gear box with the reliability of a manual one through its unique high-torque engine and ourI-Shift gear-changing system. Enjoy your 21 seater bus rental in Bangalore through the best of our vehicles.

    We have a selection of minivans, minibuses and mini coaches for hire to accommodate groups up to 18 to 50 persons.

    Looking for bus rental service in Bangalore , You have come to the right place, Reliable and trusted of travelers and organizations from all over bangalore

    These are the destinations where we offer the best bus transfer services, with wide range of vehicles to or from airports, hotels, restaurants or any other location. Our company offers private bus transfer services for all types of events and activities.

    Whether its an business event, corporate events with many transfer for different groups of people, Skiiing holidays transfer to or from resort, or a larger group tour where a transfer is needed to get you from one place to another

    What are the seating capacity options available in buses that can be rented for corporate events or group outings in Bangalore?

    When it comes to renting buses for corporate events or group outings in Bangalore, there are various seating capacity options available. The seating capacity of buses can range from small to large, depending on the size of your group. Here are some common seating capacity options: 

    1. Mini Bus: Mini buses typically have a seating capacity of around 12 to 20 passengers. These are smaller vehicles that are ideal for small groups or corporate teams. 

    2. Tempo Traveler: Tempo Travelers are slightly larger than mini buses and can accommodate around 12 to 21 passengers. They are a popular choice for medium-sized groups. 

    3. Deluxe Coach: Deluxe coaches are larger buses that can accommodate a larger number of passengers. They typically have a seating capacity of around 35 to 45 passengers. These coaches are often equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and other amenities. 

    4. Luxury Coach: Luxury coaches are the most spacious and comfortable option available for larger groups. They can have a seating capacity of 45 or more passengers and are equipped with luxurious features such as reclining seats, entertainment systems, and onboard restrooms. 

    It’s important to consider the size of your group and the comfort requirements when choosing the seating capacity of the bus. Rental companies in Bangalore offer a range of options to cater to different group sizes and preferences.


    35 SEATER BUS RENTAL IN BANGALORE AND 40 SEATER bus rental in bangalore


    35 Seater bus hire in bangalore and 40 seater bus hire in bangalore

    35 Seater Coach Luxury Bus Hire in Bangalore 24/7 Booking Helpline No: 9019944459 /09035448099, Our tariff includes a wide range of vehicle models 35 Seater Bus Hire in Bangalore, 35 Seater Bus rental in bangalore, 35 Seater Coach Luxury Bus Hire in Bangalore, Bus Hire in Bangalore, Bus rentals in Bangalore

    35 seater bus hire in Bangalore through us gives you a lifetime experience as far as travel is concerned. The 35 seater A/C luxury bus rental in bangalore , Besides its shock absorption qualities on Indian roads , also guarantees a smooth and luxurious journey. The latest technology is incorporates into these 35 seater luxury rental in bangalore. This includes power steering and turbo charged engines that ensures the most satisfying and luxurious travel for the passengers. Allthe other luxury facilities such as music system , TV , kid’s play stations are all provided. Luxurious upholstry, comfortable seats with reclining facilities are provided.

     40 seater coach Luxury Bus Rentals in Bangalore 24/7 Booking Helpline No: 9019944459 /09035448099-,S.V.Cabs luxury cab operator, Our tariff includes a wide range of vehicle models  40 seater coach Luxury Bus hire in Bangalore,  40 seater coach Luxury Bus Rentals in bangalore, 40 seater coach Luxury Bus hire in Bangalore, bus  Rentals in Bangalore, Bus hire in bangalore,

    S.V.Cabs is situated in Bangalore. It is a professional luxury car rental service organization, S.V.Cabs a Car proudly house a fleet of 100 cars, of the luxury and semi luxury vehicle segment. Ranging from Tata Indica,Tata Indigo,Toyota Liva,Toyota Etois,Swift Dzire, Nissan Sunny,Toyota Corolla Altis,Toyota Camry,Toyota Fortuner,Benz E class ,BMW 5 Series,Audi A6  Luxury cars and  Mercedes Benz.BMW 5 series,Audi A6,Toyota Fortuner hire,Swaraj Mazda hire,21 Seater Luxury Bus,35 Seater Luxury coach Bus,30 Seater Bus hire, 33 Seater bus hire, 40 Seater bus rentals,50 Seater Luxury bus.

    If the passenger and luggage space is the priority, our clients often choose one of our 35 seater Luxury coaches which can accommodate up to 35 passengers with their luggage comfortably.

    If the passenger and luggage space is the priority, our clients often choose one of our 35 seater Luxury coaches which can accommodate up to 35 passengers with their luggage comfortably.

    For Bus Booking Contact us – 9019944459

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